The Next Generation Hive

The Next Generation Hive


Manger Type Cover Board

All Thermo-hive models, as well as all types of standard-sized hives are compatible with the manger designed in the form of cover Board. The mangers, which offer highly practical solutions according to different working styles of beekeepers, are designed to provide air circulation in the hives. The heat inside the Hive is intact, allowing bees to feed solid and liquid without being disturbed. As the Manger also serves as a covering board, it is necessary to cover the bucket with methods that increase the humidity (sack, American cloth, nylon v.s) obstacles. There are two different models, the whole Manger and the half manger. All manger can be placed in Thermo hives as standard, and can be preferred in two half-mangers in one hive depending on demand and usage. The manger Type Cover board is very easy to use. It is placed on top of the ballet so that it comes under the cover of the hive. Note the position of the alternating caps (which write cake - syrup) when feeding liquid and solid. The exit of bees to the manger is organized by the direction of these caps.


Practical Frameworks

As a result of the work done to increase the yield of the beekeeper, practical frames designed with frame tack, wire stretching, without the need to spur the honeycomb installation process is carried out in a very short time. Since hygiene and ease of use are at the forefront, it saves beekeepers significantly in terms of time and labor costs. It offers the possibility to deal with more colonies at the same time.

All practical frames are manufactured with raw material suitable for food Codex and are used safely in honey milking and glazing machines with its durable structure. The cleaning of the frames is done in a practical way with water temperature of 60-70 degrees. Practical frames are suitable for use many times with their hygienic structure. It is compatible with Thermo hives as well as all standard-sized hive models.


1- It should not be stored in a way that is exposed to direct sunlight. 2- Solar-powered candle smelters should also not be used. 3- Should not be cleaned by putting it in boiling water. between the Hive and the manger provides the connection..

Practical frameworks comply with Langstroth and Dadant hive standards. There is a practical frame model that can be adjusted for non-standard dimensions and a short frame model that can be used in narrow bales.


Practical frames consist of female and male parts that can be split in two. This allows you to wear a honeycomb in a practical way, and offers an alternative to wire stretching and spurring thanks to candle holder bars. The beekeeper prepares his frame alone in 10 seconds.


Honeycomb Fitting Process

installing honeycomb (2)

Open the frame by separating it from the joining points in the middle and place the honeycomb plate on the bottom part.


installing honeycomb (4)

Manually combine the two pieces by placing the frame in the upright position.


installing honeycomb (3)

Place the second piece on top so that the pins match each other.


installing honeycomb (1)

Complete the installation by compressing it from the edges.