About our founder and company

Maye Ltd is the marketing and consulting firm.

Maye Ltd is the marketing and consulting firm of Yildirim Plastik Makine ve Kalip Sanayii Ltd. Yildirim Plastik Makine ve Kalip Sanayii was founded by Mr. Muzaffer Yildirim in 1976 as a small, family-owned enterprise with a view to catering to the need of the domestic market for plastic moulding. Over the decades that followed, it maintained a continuous development thanks to its investments, innovative structure and customer-oriented policy, consequently serving the leading companies of Turkey and the world in terms of technical plastic materials production, as well. The company has become a reputable supplier in the fields it has been providing solutions to the automotive, packaging and advertising sectors.

It is with deep sorrow that we learned of the passing of President Bahri YILMAZ, President of the Turkish Beekeepers Association.

Turkish Beekeeping Community, has lost a great, humble, and trusted leader.

On my own behalf, on behalf of ApiMaye Family, may I express our heartfelt condolences to the beekeeping society, particularly to the President's wife, and to his entire family.

Our thoughts are with them all in these sorrowful moments.

Yildirim Plastik Makine ve Kalip Sanayii established Maye Ltd in 2004

Yildirim Plastik Makine ve Kalip Sanayii established Maye Ltd in 2004, not only as a marketing firm but also to put Yildirim Plastik Makine ve Kalip Sanayii?s innovative research and development projects into operation in parallel with changing trends in the world. As a result of the joint efforts by company founder Muzaffer Yildirim together with R&D and Project teams of experts and academicians, APİMAYE Thermo Beehives were put on market, taking also end-user demands into consideration.
The rich database obtained about the beekeeping sector serves to introduce the product range, developed for and spread across the fields of this sector?s progress, to global markets under the name APİMAYE, as the goal remains to offer continuous service through new products with ongoing R&D processes.

The Thermo Hive project launched in 2004 was found qualified for support by TÜBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). The project was completed in October 2008, supported by Prof. Dr. Levent Aydin, member of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Department of Parasitology at Uludag University, and by Assistant Prof. Dr. Halil Yeninar, member of the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Zootechnics at Kahramanmaras Sütcü Imam University,
Throughout the production stages. We would like to extend our thanks also to Prof. Dr. Muhsin Dogaroglu, retired member of the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Zootechnics at Trakya University, senior biologist Mr. Yalcin Serer, investigative writer Mr. Nizamettin Kayral, and to all our producers, who have offered us their respective knowledge and experience during this project.

APIMAYE's Vision To provide creative services exceeding expectations.

Accordingly, its mission is to offer its sector reliable, good quality, continuously developed products, systems and solutions, with correct information and qualified human resources.