Thermo Beehives are designed and include several accesories such as queen excluder, varroa drawer, varroa trap, pollen trap, multi functional seperator, top feeder, handles and practic frames, to provide all beekeepers needs and increase productivity.

Inner Heat Control

The insulated structure of the barrels helps to compensate the temperature in the barrel according to the weather conditions. It ensures that the colony is not affected by extreme cold and hot weather conditions. The inside of the barrel controls the required temperature

Food Codex Proper

In order to create an extremely healthy, hygienic habitat for bees, all products are produced under production conditions suitable for the food Codex. Certified raw materials used in honey and other bee products to be produced absolutely does not cause residue or reaction.

Active Weather Channels

The ventilation ducts in the thermo Hive base system allow the air in the hive to efficiently circulate from below up. These channels should always be used openly in all weather conditions and their periodic cleaning should be done regularly.

Durable and safe

Durable and safe, the Silitermo hives are extremely resistant to all natural conditions. While its fortified structure allows the colony to live safely under harsh winter conditions, even under snow, the bear is quite safe from attacks, bees are unharmed because the locked floors cannot be opened and the hive cannot be torn apart.

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The production of the raw material in accordance with the food Codex is carried out within the permission of the Ministry of Food Agriculture and livestock.
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Manger Type Cover Board

All Thermo-hive models, as well as all types of standard-sized hives are compatible with the manger designed in the form of cover Board. The mangers, which offer highly practical solutions according to different working styles of beekeepers, are designed to provide air circulation in the hives. The heat inside the Hive is intact, allowing bees to feed solid and liquid without being disturbed. As the Manger also serves as a covering board, it is necessary to cover the bucket with methods that increase the humidity (sack, American cloth, nylon v.s) obstacles...

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